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Bangla Misti Academy


Santiniketan Society for Youth Empowerment is setting up Bangla Misti Academy to protect the art of Bengali Sweets and Deserts.

The objective of Bangla Misti Academy

  • To protect and preserve the heritage of Bengali sweets and deserts
  • To make available to the industry trained and skilled craftsman
  • To make aware the stakeholders of sweets and deserts regarding hygienic norms and processes
  • To sensitize entrepreneurs and skill workers regarding scientific process of misti making and deserts
  • Knowledge about latest food machineries and appliances
  • Quality Control Techniques and Processes
  • Knowledge about modern packaging
  • Modern Management Tools, Techniques, and Management system
  • Food Laws
  • To provide full range consultancy services

Training and Entrepreneurship

Bangla Misti Academy proposes to conduct short term and hands-on programme to young men and women to prepare them for the industry and for self-employment.

Bangla Misti Academy also aims to upgrade skills of existing craftsmen regarding usage of raw materials, technology and equipment for innovation. It also proposes to motivate young men and women to set up misti shops and production centres.

The training programme will cover short term Certificate Programme as also Diploma in Misti making.

Mission of Bangla Misti

The mission of Bangla Misti Academy is to preserve the art and science of sweets and deserts of Bengal. To achieve this mission, Bangla Misti Academy will employ experts, renowned craftsmen and technical consultants


One of the important focus of the Misti Academy will be to educate existing and future entrepreneurs setting up sweet and desert making enterprise regarding contemporary marketing and branding concepts.

To promote Bangla Misti plans to collaborate to market repertoire of Bengali sweets and deserts and help small and medium business enterprises.

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